Discover new opportunities in your uncharted financial data

Data4Deals helps you generate actual value from banking transactions data.

What you can do with Data4Deals

Data4Deals uses Artificial Intelligence to understand customer preferences and behaviour from financial data to enable brands to reach new customers and deepen the relationship with existing ones.

Find new customers

Attracting customers is a science. Just showing ads isn't nearly enough, you need to give the right incentives. Data4Deals helps you reach the audiences that are more interested in your products and define the right personalised proposals.

Increase loyalty

What you already know about your customers isn't the whole story. Data4Deals has the ability to use the full customer purchase profile to determine how important you really are to them and to increase their loyalty.

Who is Data4Deals for?

Whether you're a merchant, a bank or an individual customer, Data4Deals can help you generate Value from payments data


Reach new and existing customers in a deeper way

  • Define personalised discounts for different customer segments
  • Run risk-free customer acquisition campaigns
  • Reach customers in a trusted environment


Increase the usage of your cards and digital channels

  • Make your card top of wallet with exclusive and personalised rewards
  • Increase the frequency and depth of digital channel usage
  • Increase customer satisfaction by helping them save without effort


Get more from your relationship with your bank

  • Save on brands that you care about, even if you don't know them yet.
  • Use your discounts just by paying with your current card.
  • Your data stays private and safe within your bank.

How it works

No promo codes, no vouchers, no hassles. The process couldn't be simpler.


1. Check available offers

You'll find your personalised discounts in your bank app. Check the conditions of each offer and you're ready to save. Remeber to come back often, as we are continuosly adding new rewards!

2. Go to the store (or website)

Shop as always, at a physical store or at the store's webiste. In any case, we've got you covered.


3. Pay with your card

Ready to get that discount? Just pay with the card that's associated with the offer you've seen on the app. Remember, you don't have to ask for anything or insert any code.

4. Get your cashback

After we've processed your transaction, you'll get your cashback in your account, without having to do anything. Enjoy those sweet deals!


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